Dalmore 15 Year

According to Dalmore’s Master Distiller Richard “The Nose” Paterson, Damore 15 is the “epitome,” of Dalmore.  Dalmore anchors its history dating back to the Mackenzie clan of the 13th Century.  The unmistakable 12-pointed stag, a symbol Dalmore uses as their logo, was gifted to the Mackenzie clan by King Alexander III of Scotland in 1263 after Colin of Kintail the Chief of the Mackenzie clan saved the king from a charging stag.  In recognition, King Alexander III granted the Mackenzie Clan rights to use the 12 pointed stag on their coat of arms as a symbol of bravery and his gratitude.  When descendants of the clan became owners of the distillery in 1867, the Royal Stag became the symbol of Dalmore.

Dalmore 15 is one of the first Dalmore’s I’ve tried and one that is quite complex and rich.  Compared to Dalmore 12, it has a much richer texture and depth of flavor.

The whisky has a rich copper color, although some points are lost considering the color is not natural.  On the nose, stewed fruit, dried apricot and orange peel.  Dalmore’s classic flavor profile is a dark chocolate and orange peel character, and this expression does not disappoint.  On the palate is the classic Dalmore dark chocolate and slightly bitter orange rind, coupled with dried fig, red apple and marzipan.  This expression has no peat/smoke element and has a medium bodied texture and rich sherry finish.

Overall, this is a very good whisky, although as I mentioned before it drops points overall due to artificially enhanced coloration.  I would absolutely recommend this to anyone interested in trying either a highland or a Dalmore in particular.  I’d rate this an 85/100.  Although incredibly good, this does not quite reach the excellent/extraordinary category for me.

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