Crux Epicure Privada (Lonsdale)

This beautifully wrapped Lonsdale comes in at 6.5” x 44 ring gauge.  Crafted by Crux out of Minneapolis, MN and produced by one of the best new world farms run by the Plasencia Family out of Esteli, Nicaragua.  This new world blend of Nicaraguan fillers and Nicaraguan binder is a limited release, aged just under one year.

The wrapper sets the tone for this cigar from the first time you see it.  A flawless Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper with tight seams, minor veins and a subtle oily texture straight up looks expensive.  With a nice even pack and a subtle spring to the wrapper, Crux did not over pack this Lonsdale.  On initial light up, there is not even a hint of harshness.  Initial flavors include an earthy barnyard funk with an oat richness and floral tea notes.  Solid light gray ash fell off around the inch mark.  Smoke output is fantastic with creamy white smoke and the draw has the perfect resistance.

Through the first third, earth is the main flavor profile coupled with hay and black tea.   There is a nice note of black pepper on the retrohale.  In the first half of the cigar I love the balance between the salinity and creaminess of the blend.

As the second third hits, the flavors shift to a rich buttered toast and vanilla sweetness.  The black pepper seems to drop off significantly.  The last third highlights an almond butter core while the floral characteristic that has been consistent throughout stays true.

This medium bodied, mild-medium strength and full-flavored cigar is a winner.  The flavor transitions are distinct and delicious.  The only negative for this cigar was the burn.  At around the halfway point I needed to correct a burn issue.  As it took two corrections to correct the burn, the stick loses a point in grading, but aside from that it was fantastic.

Overall, this is an excellent stick and one I would recommend highly.  Getting your hands on one however is a little trickier.  As a member of Privada Cigar Club, I received this cigar through one of the monthly club offerings.  This vitola is a Privada exclusive.  If you have not heard of Privada, now you have.  You’re welcome!


Construction/Burn: 4/5

Draw/smoke: 5/5

Flavor: 5/5

Overall: 4.7/5

Final: 18.7/20 = 93.5/100

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